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The History of SMM

Learn Some of the History Behind Social Media Advertising, Facebook Marketing and More

Several years ago now, in November of 2007, Facebook launched its internal paid advertising network, Facebook Ads. Similar to Google’s AdWords program, it began a revolution in social media advertising that has exploded into billions of dollars of revenue for Facebook and those who advertise on it. Since then, many other social networks have launched their own internal advertising network and many have been moderately successful.

Social media advertising is built around content, rewards, sharing, tagging, bookmarking and more. While the ultimate goal is to get a potential customer to click on the link in your advertisement, this is accomplished in multiple ways. On Facebook, for example, this began with simple advertisements similar to Google’s AdWords, but now has incorporated “Likes”, a way of showing to your friends what you like and are interested in. Unlike Google and revolutionary to paid advertising, Facebook also makes it easy to share your liked ads with your friends — free advertising! Other networks have used similar methods, and some sites like Digg and Reddit revolve around this sharing of information, as well.

Social networks have evolved into their own advertising platforms, bringing in billions of dollars each year for their clients by making their ads approachable, fun and viral. Now is a great time to jump into social media advertising while it’s still relatively new, exciting and easy to get a piece of. Social networks WANT you to advertise on their networks, because it’s good for you and for them.

At 180Fusion we know these networks inside and out, and we invite you to contact us for more information on how we can make you a part of the social media marketing revolution.

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