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Facebook Marketing: How it Works

Learn How Organic and Paid Facebook Marketing Works

Facebook has become the world’s largest social media platform, with 600 million users and counting constantly logging on to play games, share thoughts and communicate with all of their friends. Like Google, Facebook has created an internet marketing and advertising network upon which much of its revenue is based. Also like Google and other types of search engines, there are two types of marketing on Facebook, paid and organic.

Organic Facebook marketing basically revolves around building your brand and getting people to follow and/or like you. This is centered around your Facebook profile page, which can be created for an individual or an entire company.

Consider this, an average Facebook user has 135+ friends associated with them. Every time they “like” a page, that “like” is then broadcast into their newsfeed — effectively recommending your page to every one of their friends. That gives your page the opportunity to gain a “like” from one of those 135+ friends and then the cycles continues to expand and your fan base grows organically.

At 180Fusion, our expert team of Social Media Marketers can create a dynamic and engaging Facebook page that will further the popularity of your brand leading to new business. Our professional team of Social Media Content Writers will work to generate original and unique ideas that get people following your content. At 180Fusion, we have experienced social media marketers and content writers that will develop a strategy to deliver your marketing message, and further build positive relationships online.

If you are not utilizing Facebook as part of your overall Internet or social media marketing campaign, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to create a buzz and gain followers eager to learn about your products and services. Let 180Fusion help create a Facebook marketing strategy that works for you and gets you the visibility your company deserves to improve brand awareness, customer retention and sales revenue.

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