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Do you run a small, medium, or large ecommerce website? As you may already know, online competition has increased every year since early 90’s and this trend doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. If you’re having difficulty ranking your site organically within Google, Bing, and other search engines you’re not alone. It is estimated that in the United States there are over 100,000 ecommerce stores. Unfortunately, there is only one #1 position on Google. What is your strategy for out ranking your competitors? Do you have one? If not, we can help. We’ve been helping ecommerce businesses, large and small for over 7 years. We know what it takes to run a successful SEO campaign whether you’re selling shoes or chia seeds.

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What is eCommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a strategy specifically developed for ecommerce websites. If your company offers a service or product online, you need to make sure your SEO strategy has been developed specifically for your site and industry. No cookie cutter strategy will do. For your business, our experience leads us to use various specialized practices to improve the overall traffic and search rankings for your website’s pages. For an online store, these strategies on our eCommerce SEO checklist include things like on-page optimization, quality content and social media marketing, quality keyword usage and reporting, and even researching competitors.  The ranking factors for eCommerce SEO are much more thorough than your standard national SEO campaign.

eCommerce Ranking Factors in 2017


Why Start Now?

The purpose of your website is two-fold; to give customers a place to learn about what you have to offer and the ability to buy your products or services. In order to grow your business online you must increase the number of customers who visit your website. What if your target audience can’t find you, or what if your website isn’t built or designed in a way that it provides a positive user experience? The time to fix these types of problems is now, which is why you need an experienced eCommerce SEO expert. Our SEO experts will use our proven eCommerce SEO process to give your website the exposure it needs for long-term success.

Over 1/3 of purchases on ecommerce sites come from organic search:

eCommerce Sales Forecasts


Website Structure Optimization

Ecommerce businesses require streamlined and simplified website architecture and our team will work to ensure your site is following best practices. We’ll review your site to make sure it’s easy to navigate for users, therefore more likely to keep people there and create conversions. Best practices means your site has a robust internal linking network, optimized content, and has a responsive design so all device types work well (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.). It’s important to note that in 2015 Google announced for the first time ever there were more searches conducted using mobile devices v. desktop devices.

eCommerce site architecture for SEO


Off Page eCommerce SEO – Quality Content Marketing

Establishing your site as a place of authority while providing unique content gives reason for other sites to want to link to yours. If you’re providing the same information as everyone else, why would other sites want to link to yours? As we work to build backlinks for you site, we often start by increasing the quality and originality of the content on your site. Doing this makes it considerably easier to build backlinks on your behalf.

Sites without an onsite blog will typically find it harder to acquire natural backlinks. Blogs are a great way to earn backlinks. If your site doesn’t already have one, we highly recommend setting one up. A blog works as a resource of information where you can post high quality and original content that’s relevant to your audience. It is very challenging to generate quality inbound links to your product or category pages.  Using a blog with the right internal linking is a surefire strategy to build authority and climb the rankings.


On Page eCommerce SEO – Be The Most Relevant

Ecommerce sites need to focus on providing original and useful content. Unfortunately, most ecommerce sites reuse manufacturer descriptions and low quality content. Reusing content or providing low quality makes it very difficult to rank well. We’ll work with you to improve your landing page content as well as your product descriptions.

As Google has gravitated to a mobile first index, many webmasters and business owners believe that less content is better and that your site should be all image driven to drive a better UX.  Ultimately Google has very limited ability to read these images (outside of some coding) so you want to make sure to write long and thorough content to let Google and your user truly understand what your products are all about.

Here are the areas on a typical page we focus on optimizing:

eCommerce on page SEO breakdown


Keyword Strategy

When developing a strategy it’s important to understand how users search for your products. It’s important the content on your site aligns with how users search, otherwise you many never rank. Google’s keyword planner is a great tool to use when performing keyword research. We perform keyword research at the beginning of your campaign, then periodically perform research again to account for changes due to changing customer search habits.


Competitor Research

Researching your competitors, their customers, marketing, and SEO strategy down to the keywords they’re targeting can be difficult, timely, and costly, but it’s imperative if you plan to outperform your competitors. By itself, competitor research can be a full-time job. This is why we’ve developed streamlined processes and tools that speed up this process without compromising the quality of research and findings. Things like market-specific keyword rankings as well as Domain and Page authority are things a good SEO agency is going to monitor, and we’ll be able to track your website against your competitors every step of the way.

For a market that can rely heavily on digital marketing and online campaigns, studying your competitors can do a lot to boost your rankings. Not only will it give us an idea of key areas of focus that your business is currently missing, but it can tell us where they are falling short and therefore where you can gain the upper hand.


User Experience

Google and other search engines are putting more emphasis on User Experience (UX) then they have in the past.  A major issue that ecommerce sites tend to face is seasonal products or inventory that goes in and out of stock.  Due to other third party integrations and the nature of ecommerce websites being so robust, pages and links get broken quite frequently.  It is important to invest into development costs to monitor Google Search Console as well as leveraging third party tools like Screaming frog or Raven Tools to ensure your website has a clean bill of health. As mentioned earlier, it’s also important your site be responsive for all device types.

Page speed is another factor that impacts user experience and ecommerce sites have historically experienced horrendous load times (7+ Seconds).  Compressing images, leveraging Java Script, and more can play a big role in how quickly your site loads and how many prospects stay in your buying funnel.


The eCommerce Experts

Window shopping and browsing has its place in marketing, but when it comes to it, sales and ROI are what really matter at the end of the day. If your eCommerce business is serious about increasing sales and hiring an experienced agency, contact us for an eCommerce SEO audit today.

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