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Content is King.

Content Marketing Services

You know you need content on your company’s website and social media channels, but do you know how to leverage that content and make it work as the incredible marketing tool it should be? At 180fusion, we understand the power of content marketing and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with high-quality content and the strategy needed to attract customers and increase your business’s authority in your industry.

Why Content Marketing?

Content is king on the internet. Or, more specifically, valuable content is king. Unless you have strong, informative, interesting content that offers some kind of value to your target audience, your content becomes just another ad or dull piece of text that consumers will ignore. A content marketing campaign that centers on meaningful, fun, intriguing content is one of the best online marketing techniques available and offers extraordinary ROI.

Online consumers not only want to read and watch valuable content, they tend to share it with others, becoming part of your marketing efforts in the process. When you pursue a content marketing campaign, you can accomplish a wide variety of goals to help boost your business, from improving visibility and brand awareness to engaging potential customers and developing well-qualified leads. The right content can help turn your existing customers into cheerleaders and champions for your products and services, as they share your content along with their good opinion.

Examples of Content Marketing

Content marketing comes in a variety of forms. The most obvious is content posted on the pages of your company website. These pages are vital for getting your website found and positioned well in search engine results, as well as holding the attention and developing the interest of potential consumers who land on your website. Other excellent options for a content marketing campaign include:

  • Blogs
  • Reports and white papers
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Podcasts and webcast seminars
  • Infographics
  • Apps, and much more

Any way you can think of to offer content that can attract your target audience and provide value by being informative, intriguing, or connecting emotionally or with humor is an option for content marketing.

Why work with 180fusion?

The content marketing experts at 180fusion know how to create valuable content and leverage it perfectly for your campaign. Our high-quality content creation will help you achieve the results you’re looking for, whether you need SEO writing for your website, custom infographics for distribution, or blogs that are carefully crafted to interest audiences while increasing awareness of your products and services. In addition to writing, 180fusion has explored all of the different forms of content used for marketing. We’ve come up with unique ways to use videos to reach out to your potential customers, which is vital in a world where not everyone has time to read through blogs or articles. If you decide that a video is a better fit for your site than an article, we will guide you in creating outstanding and relevant content marketing videos.

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