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PPC: How it Works

Learn About Search Engine Marketing & PPC Management With Google Adwords

For over ten years now, Google’s AdWords paid advertising platform has been its main source of revenue – reaching nearly $30 billion in 2010. It has become the go-to service to use for paid search advertising, and is used by many companies and individuals to entice customers to their products and services.

How does this service actually work? How can one use it to help in their Internet marketing campaign?

Google AdWords places relevant ads next to organic search results based on the keyword or phrase that the user has searched for.. Once you create an AdWords account, you can select the words used to trigger the ad, add a short phrase for each ad, and also the maximum amount of money you wish to spend to bid on the ad space itself. Google then assigns each ad its own quality score, which it uses to determine where your ad will show up in the sponsored ad space. Your budget helps determine which ads will be shows and how often. Some words will simply be too competitive to be viable, as they’ll be way too expensive, while others will provide quality traffic at a relatively low bid price.

Then, once your ads are set up, you launch the campaign and watch it work. AdWords campaigns need to be constantly monitored to make sure your ROI stays in the black, and at 180Fusion, we have dedicated search engine marketers who are experts at monitoring and managing these Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

If AdWords sounds like a good solution for your online marketing strategy, give us a call to see how we can help you.

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