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Adsense: How it Works

Learn How Webmasters and Website Owners get the Most out of Google AdSense Search Engine Marketing

While Google AdWords is the juggernaut of paid search engine advertising, Google also offers another program that allows you to place Google ads on your own website, giving you another avenue of revenue generation. Google AdSense has become popular for website owners because their ads are less intrusive  than more traditional banner advertisements. How does AdSense work, however?

AdSense is a bit different than AdWords. Instead of entering a list of key words and phrases, AdSense uses the content on your website in order to come up with relevant ads for your users. It’s a simple and elegant approach that many website owners appreciate. There are also different types of AdSense available to website owners, and these include:

  • AdSense for Feeds – With the increasing popularity of RSS feeds, this option allows website owners to put advertisements within their RSS feeds to increase the visibility of their ads.
  • AdSense for Search – This allows website owners to add a Google search box to their site that allows users to search both the entire Internet as one would when going to as well as the particular website they’re on, and results show more AdSense copy.
  • AdSense for Mobile Content – As smartphones become more relevant, and more and more people are using these and other portable devices to search the web, many website owners create mobile versions of their sites, and this allows those mobile versions to also have AdSense advertisements.
  • AdSense for Domains – This allows website owners to put ads on their domain even if there isn’t a site there yet, which helps bring in some revenue while a site is being built.
  • AdSense for Video – With more and more people using video for video blogging, advertising and more, this method allows content owners to place relevant ads in their videos.

AdSense is a very versatile program that is popular with a lot of webmasters and website owners in order to bring in revenue. While the amount of revenue it brings in is a fraction of its bigger AdWords brother, it’s still a popular way for webmasters of smaller or medium sized websites to bring in some revenue concurrent with an AdWords campaign.

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