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Adcenter: How it Works

Learn How both Microsoft Bing and Yahoo use Microsoft’s AdCenter to Generate Ad Revenue for Website Owners

Until recently, Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Yahoo used their own proprietary advertising networks in order to show search advertisements similar to those of Google AdWords. Since they’ve merged engines — both Yahoo and Bing are now powered by Bing’s search results — they eventually merged ad platforms, as well, so now both Yahoo and Bing search advertising is controlled by Microsoft Search Advertising.

Microsoft Search Advertising uses its own adCenter tool, which is similar to Google’s AdWords tool. Campaigns are set up in a very similarly, as well. You simply enter which key words and phrases you wish to use, a budget for each keyword, and other factors such as geography and so on. Once your settings are in place, you launch your campaign and then monitor it to make sure it’s running efficiently and that it remains profitable.

While many website owners use Google AdWords as the primary source for their Internet marketing, any good marketing plan should also include Bing/Yahoo as another source of ad revenue. While the volume won’t be as great as Google, it’s still a good source of ad revenue and traffic that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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