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Learn about the Technology behind our Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

180fusion developed a proprietary intelligent Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management platform to benefit our clients that is used in conjunction with our trained Optimization Specialists to provide the personal touch. The platform provides the highest level of intuitive SEM analytics and tracking required for this complex set of Search Engine Marketing requirements.

180fusion recognizes that every client campaign is unique. Therefore, we have designed a platform that is flexible, scalable and customizable to allow our team to manage companies of various sizes and industries.

The proprietary platform is a key differentiator for 180fusion

PPC Process

  • Intelligent, automated algorithms
  • Flexibility and customized control
  • Scalability
  • Performance

Intelligent, automated algorithms

  • 180fusion algorithms manage the tactical side of your campaign, as our Optimization Specialist strategically analyzes the program
  • We establish the unique rules for a campaign to setup within our platform
  • Our platform optimizes the performance of our client’s marketing campaign.

Flexibility, scalability, and customized control

  • The world of SEM is all about the ability to successfully manage your campaigns — regardless of volume. We recognize that every client and campaign comes with a unique set of needs which only a highly customizable and scalable SEM platform can fulfill
  • 180fusion provides a suite of algorithms that include position strategies (to promote brand), performance strategies that optimize bids to generate maximal conversion or sales volume while achieving targets, traffic strategies that optimize bids to generate maximal click volume while achieving a target CPC or a flat out profit maximization strategy
  • 180fusion Optimization Specialists need the ability to react to specific keywords differently. We provide the ability to create static or dynamic keyword segments by which the specialist can identify keywords of interest based on a combination of performance filters, match type, keyword string and status and apply additional strategies or rules to them
  • 180fusion has a number of sophisticated algorithms that work in conjunction to help you reach your goals economically.
  • New keywords are automatically tagged with relevant parameters and synchronized with the search engine


Our platform has been built to identify inefficiencies in the search market space and exploit them for maximum performance — lowering your cost while getting you closer to the bulls-eye.

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