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Smart Phone AppsThe latest in smart phone research indicates that users over the age of 18 spend around 65% more time using apps than they did two years prior. Smart phone users between the ages of 25 and 44 use the most smart phone apps, but 18-24 year olds spend the most time using apps. Users aged 51+ years spend more than 21 hours per month on apps, spanning across an average of 22 different apps.

Businesses with apps cannot take advantage of app usage if the app isn’t on a user’s phone. The targeted App Installs campaigns on AdWords and Facebook at the most cost-effective way to get users to download your app. Targeted App Installs are also the fastest method, and arguably the most effective for a return on investment.

It has never been more critical to build app engagement. With Pay Per Click services through Google and Facebook app install campaigns, you can pay for ads to have your app promoted in the Google Play store, Google Search and Display Networks, Facebook Feeds, YouTube, or as an ad within other apps. While you aren’t paid for every free app download, you can work within the app to generate ad revenue, offer your services, or simply charge for the app download to convert each app download into revenue.

The PPC team at 180fusion uses expert manpower, real-time logistics, and an organization of useful tools to promote your smart phone app, and help you achieve a high ROI.

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