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3 Ways a Small Business Can Make a Big Splash with $1,000

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, small business owners across America are making their lists and checking them twice and trying to find out if their sales will be naughty or nice. Many struggle with meager marketing budgets and mistakenly believe that they can’t make a difference with a little bit of money. The truth is, with today’s marketing landscape, a little bit can go a long way.
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Op-Ed: Future Marketers at Disadvantage as Digital Marketing Degree’s Go Overlooked

Recently I’ve noticed a surge in media stories focused on the lack of coding and computer related skills offered to high school and college students. Writers, reporters and bloggers opine at the sad state of education in the United States. They all allude to U.S. students’ handicap – many are uneducated on the “language of the future”.
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Keyword Suggestion Tools for Marketing & Social

Need some new keyword ideas? Did you know that one keyword tool doesn’t necessarily fit all when you’re considering keyword optimization for Google vs. Bing or search vs. social? Beyond researching keywords for Google, there aren’t a lot of other tools out there that can help. Fortunately, many networks have a mini keyword research tool built in to their search box known as autosuggest or autocomplete. The following are the best networks for researching long tail keyword phrases and seeing what social properties are best optimized for your target term.
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