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3 social media wins that you can learn from

Social media, unlike digital media, is a much more patient game. SEO and banner ads and email marketing are instant gratification. Social media is not. That is the reason why so many people are struggling to be successful with it. Many people don’t get it. You must be willing to put in more time of eating crow to get the results, otherwise you won’t get it.
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Why It’s Crucial to Know Your Promoted Social Media Audience

I’m often struck by how many ads I see across social networks that I find completely out of place. Often times, a company might focus on a few ads, and then disseminate those across all social networks with the same messaging and graphics. But all networks are not created equally. There are things that work on Facebook that just don’t float on Linkedin. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer their business users the ability to promote their posts or create entire ad…
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3 Ways a Small Business can Make Money on Social Media

For the majority of the last decade, social media was viewed by businesses as a frivolity; something they would dabble in to appease their devoted customer base. However, with Social Media becoming ubiquitous in our lives through cell phones, tablets, and desktops, companies are beginning to realize that there are effective ways of monetizing their social media presence.
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Why Conversion Optimized Landing Pages Are the Key to Online Marketing Success

When it comes to links in social profiles, link building, and many other online marketing strategies, most people make one tragic mistake: they link only to their homepage. If you want to make the most of your efforts, however, linking back to a conversion optimized landing page is essential. Today, we’re going to look at the times you need to link to a conversion optimized landing page and how to make it entice visitors and lead to conversions.
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Cyber Monday is Target’s ‘Super Bowl’

By midafternoon on Cyber Monday, after the lunchtime orders flood in online, the fulfillment center in Ontario likely will be buzzing with triple, possibly quadruple, the usual amount of action.
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