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Yahoo & Bing Local: How it Works

Learn How to Increase Your Business With Yahoo & Bing Local

Yahoo and Bing Local are both prominent local search engines that have nearly as much pull in local search engine prominence as Google. Yahoo Local was launched in 2004, a full year before Google launched their local Maps program, and is widely seen as the granddaddy of all local search engine endeavors. While other smaller engines have also made competitor local search engines before and since, Yahoo is the one that made local search profitable with its Local program.

Even though Yahoo and Bing have merged into one collective engine powered by Bing, they both still maintain separate local search engines, both subtitled “Local” (i.e. Yahoo Local and Bing Local). Yahoo Local is comprehensive in that it allows you to directly edit their local search result for your business but also uses a variety of local data providers not used by any other engine, such as WCities and DiscoverOurTown.

Bing Local uses the same data providers that both Google and Yahoo use for their local information, making them a little less unique than Yahoo, but they are still managed in a very similar way. Overall, both Yahoo and Bing have something to offer local search, even with the juggernaut of Google looming over them. With all of the variety of search engines, their management systems and large number of data suppliers, it is crucial to hire a professional team that is experienced and knowledgeable.

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