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Google Maps Optimization Services

Why Google Maps?

Google Maps Optimization Services

How can Maps help your business?

Increase your traffic

  • If your business information is not on the front page, you are losing potential business to your competitors.
  • We can help make your listing stand out from the rest.

Reach More Customers

Get Found Where People are Searching

  • 183% of all online searches are for a local business.
  • 270% of all mobile searches end in a phone call to the business and 59% visit!
  • 389% of consumers research products online before purchasing.

Why is Google Maps Critical For Local Businesses?

map-with-pinMobile search is bigger than ever, with more people now performing internet searches using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) instead of computers. As you might expect, people who do a mobile search for a business in their area usually want to fill an immediate need. Google designed the Maps pack to display local businesses that meet a searcher’s needs, with Maps listings appearing at or very near the top of Google search results.

If your business appears in the Maps, you have a shot at getting the searcher’s attention. However, Google employs a different algorithm to generate Maps results than it does for organic results. An optimized business website is no longer enough to get your business the local exposure it needs.

Claiming And Optimizing Your Google Listing

A Google Places listing is a vital part of generating local attention and traffic for your business, especially for driving visits to your physical location. If you want local results, your business needs to show up in the mobile search Maps pack, and an appearance in the Maps relies heavily on your claimed and optimized Google listing.

Why Should You Claim Your Listing?

Many businesses have a simple listing on the Google Places directory, much as you have an automatically generated listing in the phone book. A listing that simply exists isn’t enough to ensure your business will appear in the Maps listings, with its ever-important placement at the top of search results. When you claim your business listing, you gain ownership and can correct any of the existing information as well as add extra content that will help place your business in front of searchers in your area who want what you have to offer.

What Should You Optimize?

You need to create a complete profile in order to optimize your listing. This means including optional information as well as filling out required fields. Thoroughness and accuracy are critical, and while you do want to employ keywords, use them naturally and only in the Description field. You’ll want to correct the map marker if it isn’t showing your business in the right spot. Also, make sure there aren’t duplicate listings for your business with variations in the address or name.

Check Accuracy of “NAP”

Of all information about your business available online, the most important the check is the accuracy of your business NAP (name, address, and phone number). Not only must this be correct in your Google listing, but in every other appearance across the Internet. If your NAP is inconsistent, using abbreviations in some listings, or variations of your name or phone number in others, your business may not even appear in the Maps. Ensure all details are the same everywhere your business is listed.

Your Business Description

The business description should be a well-written, accurate explanation of your business and an effective pitch for why a potential client should use your products or services. Think compelling, yet short and to the point. While it’s a good practice to use keywords here, they must be used naturally, without stuffing.

Hours of Operation

Including your business hours makes your listing more complete for the sake of optimization, and also creates more value for potential customers. This vital information is positioned right in front of them so they don’t have to go searching for details of when you’re open.

Add Photos And Videos

Photos and videos help attract attention to your listing in search results and connect with potential customers. Such visuals make an impact and draw customers in, leading them to visit your location or at least click through to your website.

Select Your Service Categories

Proper selection of the service categories in your Google listing is important for accurately describing your business to potential customers. Be as specific as you can and include up to the maximum of five categories. Google automatically includes more specific subcategories in search results for general upstream categories, so don’t waste your category options on general terms.

Looking Forward: Dominating Google Maps Is More Than Just An Optimized Listing 

One optimized listing is not enough to place your business at the top of a Maps pack search result, because Google weighs additional factors in generating a search rank. The basic formula includes relevance, or how closely your business matches a person’s search; distance, or how far your business is from the potential customer; and prominence, or how well known your business is. Your company’s appearance in major directories can add to the assumption of prominence and help prove that your company exists. However, these listings only help if your NAP is consistent throughout. Take the time to create a listing for your business or claim an existing one in major sites such as Angie’s List, Citysearch, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, and Yelp.

Local Marketing Services along with Pay Per Click and Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Are you a local business with a brick and mortar location? Perhaps your business delivers some kind of mobile service to a local area? Then these services are for you. At 180fusion, we understand that not everyone has the marketing budget to run a full-scale online marketing campaign. Google Places is a solution for all local businesses to achieve great results and a high ROI at a very affordable price.

Once upon a time, marketing with an ad in the Yellow Pages was the cheap and easy way for local businesses to gain visibility and obtain new clients. That just isn’t the case today. Google Places functions similarly to a Yellow Pages ad. With Yellow Pages, if you were on the first page under that letter with the biggest ad, you received the best results. Similarly, placing on the first page of search results with a Google Places listing will yield the best results.

People often find themselves in the car or on vacation and in need of services or entertainment. No one leaves home without his or her smartphone. People use their phone every day to find information. This makes your appearance in Google Places more important than ever, because that potential client knows that Google has already done all of the work for them, showing them a great company within the local area that will serve their needs.

Today’s information superhighway is just like the Interstate systems that replaced small, two-lane highways years ago. When the larger road bypassed a small town, many of the businesses in the small town did not survive. Location is everything and those businesses that were located on the new Interstate were the ones that thrived. Are you located on the Interstate?

The clear trend in marketing is a movement to Internet ads and the placement of your business on Google organic search results and Google Places. For less than a monthly car payment, you can be on the internet’s information superhighway and on your way to incredible business growth.

  • 90% of all searches on Google are for local business.
  • Business placement on Maps (Organic) and Paid search increases traffic by 89%.
  • 60% of searches are being done first on a smartphone or tablet.
  • The Maps listing appears just below ads at the top of mobile device searches.
  • Maps appears below ads and one or two highly-optimized websites on computer and laptop searches.
  • The cost-per-click on a Maps listing (local SEO) is Zero.
  • 180fusion is ranked #1 by Top SEOs for driving qualified traffic to local businesses.
  • Our month-to-month contract assures client satisfaction.

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