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Digital Marketing Services

180fusion’s Digital Marketing Services are best-in-class and designed to accomplish one goal: to increase profitability by helping clients deliver the right marketing messages to the right potential customers at the very best possible time.

Digital Marketing Services

Superior strategies and performance have made 180fusion a perennial award-winning digital marketing agency in some of digital marketing’s most prestigious categories, including SEO, PPC, Social Media Advertising, Reputation Management, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

While traditional advertising drives companies to appeal to a wide audience, digital marketing services allow businesses to focus on the needs of the individual consumer through data-driven, consumer-centric campaigns. By tracking consumer trends and utilizing key data points, businesses can create effective, meaningful brand decisions that drive increased revenue and ROI.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Digital media is the most readily available media on the planet. Statistically, the average American spends approximately 11 hours a day looking at some form of screen, exposing themselves to an average of 5,000 ads each day. Digital media is quickly becoming our go-to source for news, entertainment, social interaction, and shopping–and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Advertisers have shifted their focus to digital marketing in a big way, with mobile-friendly advertising, social media campaigns, podcasts, and internet ads to cater to the ever-expanding market.

Digital marketing campaigns, along with being the most readily available, offer consumers the unique opportunity to interact with campaigns. Users can “like,” share and review content, adding to the momentum of the campaign and providing the most valuable advertising of all: word of mouth. Social media has revolutionized the digital marketing game with its ability to connect consumers with other consumers as well as businesses, building connections that don’t exist in traditional forms of advertisement.

Digital marketing is the future, not only for online businesses but for every business looking to find and connect with the right audience.

Digital Marketing We Offer:

Consumers are already searching for what your company offers. Our job as a digital advertising agency is to help them find you. 180fusion offers proprietary digital marketing services to keep your business on the cutting edge of online marketing. Whether you’re looking to expand your business locally or want to build a robust social media following, we can help you succeed. We’ve helped hundreds of clients create and maintain a solid presence online, with nationally-recognized SEO techniques and PPC campaigns. Take a look at what we have to offer:

  • Search Engine Marketing – We’ll optimize your website so that Google can’t ignore it. Statistics prove that most users click on the first three links on search results pages—it’s our job to get you there.
  • National & Local SEO – No two companies are alike in their SEO needs. We’ll help you develop an SEO campaign that suits your business’ goals, whether you’re looking to expand locally or nationally.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay per click, if handled properly, is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your site. Our team of experts uses today’s most advanced techniques to drive increased revenue, lower advertising costs, and more efficient campaigns.
  • Social Media Management – Social media is much more than likes and shares. We can help you build a meaningful relationship with your audience and expand your business organically.
  • Conversion Rate Optimizations (CRO) – Visitor experience is among the most important factors in any business’ online campaigning. We’ll build up your landing pages to ensure a positive user experience and increased traffic.
  • Logo Design – Your logo is the most powerful marketing tool your business has to make a strong impression. We design a professional logo that helps customers identify and trust your business, building valuable brand equity at the same time.
  • Website Design – A professional website brings more online visibility, more phone calls, and more ways to market your business. Our team of experts will design a website that works for your business.
  • Professional Email Marketing – Email marketing connects you to customers through newsletters, promotions, and more. Our email marketing experts create the email marketing strategy, design the emails, and launch the campaigns for you.

Work With Professionals

Digital marketing is all in the details. From having the right keywords to creating a user-friendly landing page, to mastering Google Analytics, each aspect of your digital marketing strategy requires care and attention that only an expert can provide. 180fusion takes great care in meticulously planning each client’s campaign from beginning to end, always maintaining the highest levels of customer service and performance.

Digital Marketing Agency

180fusion’s team of PPC, SEO, and social media experts have been specially trained and certified by today’s leading digital marketing authorities to provide the best digital marketing services in the industry. As a certified Google Partner, we’re granted access to Google support resources which allow for up-to-date solutions for SMB and enterprise clients. This means that your business will not only receive nationally-recognized SEO and PPC services but will be a part of the evolution of the digital marketing landscape.

Trust 180fusion to take your company’s online marketing strategy to the next level. With proprietary, results-driven techniques and an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction, 180fusion promises to be the digital marketing agency you need to help your company reach its potential in the digital market.

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