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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most critical things you can do for your brand. You need to reach out to your potential customers through promotional advertisements, email, social media, banners, mobile advertising, or even video ads that are shown before, after, or during an online video.

Why Digital Advertising is Important?

With billions of users on the web, your customer reach has endless potential. The average internet user is exposed to thousands of advertisements per day—and most of them are online. Hundreds of studies have all revealed that digital advertising expands your reach, and invariably increases revenue and sales—the average ROI for digital advertisement is $3 for every $1 spent.

What are some types of Digital Advertising?

  • Search Marketing: Both SEO (earning traffic organically) and SEM (paid search listings) fall under the search marketing umbrella. You utilize search engines for advertising purposes.
  • Display Marketing: This encompasses several forms of advertising, including banner ads, rich media, etc. Included in the format are images, text, flashing imagery, videos, graphics, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: Essentially, gaining traffic through shares, likes, retweets, etc. This helps you build brand awareness through “word of mouth”, and interaction with social media users.
  • Mobile Marketing: Advertising using smart phones as your platform. You have the capabilities to target specific areas, as well as apps that are used.
  • Email Marketing: A method of directly contacting current or prospective customers through email. The purpose is usually to enhance the relationship between the vendor and the customer, and may usually include some kind of coupon or promotional content.

The opportunities to reach out to your potential customer base are limited only by your imagination. No matter your preference, 180fusion has the resources and capability to increase brand awareness, facilitate a high ROI, and reach the best possible customer base.

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