Case Study: Value Dry Waterproofing | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Value Dry Waterproofing is a local provider of basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, and remodeling services.

The Situation:

Value Dry Waterproofing sought the assistance of 180Fusion to help them decrease their Cost-per-Conversion and increase their Total Conversions in Adwords. More specifically, because they advertise in a very high-cost industry with traffic volume that fluctuates wildly depending on the weather, they needed their Adwords Campaigns restructured to be able to provide both a stable inflow of new clients, as well as to handle and convert large spikes of traffic during bad storms.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion PPC team immediately started restructuring their Adwords account, focusing first on creating a core group of Campaigns that would be able to send continuous and steady traffic regardless of weather conditions. Existing campaign targeting was then refined through the addition of negative keywords, strategic bidding adjustments, and hyper-relevant ad copy. Upon completion of the “evergreen” campaigns, the team then began building “high-performance” campaigns that could be turned on at a moment’s notice to capture additional traffic profitably when the weather was bad.

The Results:

180fusion’s Adwords optimization efforts made a material impact on profitability right away, with increasing Total Conversions and decreasing Cost-per-Conversions during each month since the initial Account restructure!

In 6 months of management, the following performance metrics have been drastically improved:

  • Click-Through-Rate – Increased by 200%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 382%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 63%!
  • Conversion Rate – Increased by 423%