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Top 3 Retail Jewelry Chain, Confidential

Type of Site:

One of the nation’s premier retail j ewelry providers; custom, proprietary E-Commerce Platform.

The Situation:

As one of the nation’s largest retail jewelers, this client came to 180Fusion to assist them in getting ranked Top 10 in Google SERPs for some of the internet’s most competitive keywords related to diamonds and diamond jewelry. They already ranked on the 2nd Page of Google results for some of these keywords, but were nowhere to be found in the Top 200 results for others.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion team immediately began working to optimize both on-site and off-site factors affecting this client’s SEO rankings. Meta-titles and descriptions were rewritten, necessary content was created and implemented on the website, and a stra tegy link-building campaign was launched to acquire valuable links from high-authority, highly-relevant websites across the web.

The Results:

The results for this client have been significant. Despite heavy competition for their desired keywords from all the internet’s largest retailers, 180fusion’s SEO efforts moved them into the Top 10 Google Search Engine Rankings Positions for even their most competitive of their sele cted keywords. And a ll this was accomplished within just 5 months of client sign up!

The following image illustrates the rankings increases this client experienced for some of the internet’s most competitive keywords:

Image 1 – Comparison of Day 1 Google SERP rankings versus Current Google SERP rankings.

Confidential Chart