Case Study: SumoLounge | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Online E-commerce retailer

The Situation:

While Sumo Lounge ranked relatively well for some of their important industry terms, before beginning SEO services with 180Fusion they were having trouble getting their site to rank on Page 1 of Google for their “money” keywords (high search volume, broad keywords that have the potential to send FLOODS of traffic). They came to 180Fusion to get help in boosting their organic rankings, in hopes of maximizing search engine visibility right before the rush of the Holiday Shopping Season.

The Solution:

On November 11th (two weeks before Black Friday), we logged into their Webmaster Tools account and found a Warning Message from Google about a “Big Traffic Change” (PANIC!). But it turns out that not all Google Warnings are a bad thing… below is a copy of the warning message that was sent:


The Results:

As a result of the SEO efforts of 180Fusion, some “money” keywords got pushed up from the Top of Page 2 to the bottom of Page 1 on Google (in less than 3 months!), creating a huge influx in inbound organic traffic! The message was sent as a warning so that the client could make sure their web servers were equipped to handle a cascade of new visitors!

In less than 3 months, this client’s number of Daily Organic Visitors went from about 400 to over 800 per day!!


As a result, the client reports that they’ve had their “Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Ever” and sales for December are continuing to increase:


All in all, this client received a 119% increase in Total Revenue with less than 3 months of 180fusion SEO service!

SEO is usually a long term strategy, but sometimes choosing the right keywords for a business that ALREADY ranks pretty well in their industry can create some “QUICK wins” as well. In this case, the gift of some “quick wins” came just in time to make this retailer’s Holiday Season VERY happy!