Case Study: Shepherd Song Farm | 180fusion

Shepherd Song Farm


Type of Site: is an eCommerce site offering a premium selection of grass-fed lamb meat, goat meat, and sheep milk cheese from their Wisconsin family farm.

The Situation:

Shepherd Song Farm came to 180fusion to get assistance in improving organic search engine rankings and increasing online sales. As a small family-run business, they hadn’t been able to generate enough authority in the eyes of search engines to outrank the larger food suppliers, and sought out 180fusion to create the type of online presence that would make search engines take notice of them.

The Solution:

Using a list of high-converting keywords from their AdWords account, the 180fusion team created themes of “SEO keyword targets” to optimize, focusing on those that would most significantly increase the site’s organic traffic and profitability. Next, on-site SEO improvements were made to fix page errors and broken links, as well as modify titles, descriptions, and page text to better match the target keywords. Finally, content was created for distribution to authority websites in their industry to acquire high-authority inbound links as a final boost to trust and authority for their site.

The Results:

After just 4 months of SEO work with 180fusion, achieved 14 out of 20 first page organic rankings for their most competitive keywords, including 7 keywords ranking in the top 5 positions. These improved rankings have created a windfall of organic traffic that has significantly increased sales and accelerated the profitability of their business.

Shepherd Song Farm Graph