Case Study: ShamansMarket | 180fusion


“ Thanks 180Fusion team! Great company! Shamans Market has significantly lowered our Cost Per Click on Google while increasing e-commerce sales by over 170% in the last quarter since 180Fusion took over. With these results, I would gladly recommend the 180Fusion team. Great partner for any company that needs to increase online sales and build a strong online presence!”
Bryan Bigelow


Type of Business:

E-commerce shop specializing in trinkets and gear for experienced and aspiring Shamans (medicinal herbs, healing bracelets, sacred items, candles, essential oils, etc.).

The Situation:

When 180Fusion took over the Adwords Campaign for Shamans Market, it was suffering from:

  • Poor Quality Scores (Average Quality Score: 2)
  • Poor Keyword Selections (had thousands of active keywords that were not generating ROI)
  • Poor Ad Copy (ads were not Keyword Rich and were contributing to low Quality Scores)

All in all, paying thousands of dollars in spend to the search engines for low sales conversions.

The Solution:

180Fusion immediately got to work pausing all of the account’s non-performing keywords to reduce wasted spend, and rewriting Ad Copy to increase Quality Scores. However, this Case Study is a lesson in the power of patience with Managed Adwords Campaigns because Month 1 improvement was only modest, and Quality Scores did not increase AT ALL despite making all the right changes to the account!

The Results:


And this is what the Quality Score improvement looks like:



Overall, these are the improvement stats:

  • Quality Score Increase: from 2/10 to 4.5/10
  • Cost Per Click: decreased by 33%
  • Cost Per Sale: decreased by 70%
  • Total Sales: increased by 171%

It is important to note that in this particular situation only a SMALL increase to Quality Scores was needed to make a BIG difference in campaign profitability. As search engines sometimes hesitate to reward an account with higher Quality Scores even though the proper improvements have been made, it only takes small and steady improvements to increase profitability EXPONENTIALLY over time.