Case Study: Rudd Executive Search | 180fusion

Type of Site:

RuddSearch LLC, is an executive search firm based in Chicago that specializes in finding candidates for facility management positions, as well as corporate and commercial real estate professionals.

The Situation:

Dianna Rudd, founder of Rudd Executive Search, enlisted 180fusion to make better use of her pay-per-click ad budget.

She said her previous PPC service provider wasted much of her ad budget on irrelevant keywords. Too many of the resulting leads she received – that she paid for – were dead ends.

“I worked with a different company before and they didn’t get it,” said Rudd. “Their philosophy was the more keywords, the better. But that didn’t work for me. I need more targeted keywords. I don’t want to get calls that don’t relate to what I do.”

What Rudd does is find facility managers and real estate executives for clients who own or manage commercial properties. But with her previous PPC service provider, she received leads for residential apartment managers and for executive searches that had nothing to do with commercial real estate.

She also received PPC leads for job candidates. The problem is that like most recruiters, she doesn’t make money from the candidates she places. Rudd’s earnings derive from clients for which she finds the right talent. When job candidates clicked on her PPC ads, she essentially paid for clicks and leads that generated zero revenue.

“I don’t need a lot of leads. I need good leads,” she said.

The Solution:

180fusion’s Google AdWord specialists quickly adjusted Rudd’s settings, budget, and bids, and removed irrelevant keywords. They continue watching the account closely to make sure that search terms remain relevant.

Not only did 180fusion target the right keywords, it also eliminated irrelevant search terms so that Rudd’s ads didn’t appear when people searched for, say, “apartment managers.”

180fusion also limited ads to appear only during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. This is when commercial real estate hiring managers would be looking for candidates and recruiters. This minimized the problem of ads being clicked by job candidates, who typically search for jobs during nights and weekends.

The Results:

Because of this targeted approach, Rudd said she is actually spending less on PPC ads with 180fusion, yet generating more qualified leads. Her previous provider may have charged less in fees, but Rudd said she saves in the long run with 180fusion because she isn’t wasting time and money on unqualified leads.

Month over month CTR

Clicks per day now running Monday through Friday

“180fusion has listened to me,” said Rudd. “I know what my target market is and what it isn’t and you guys took the time to understand that. The calls I get now are relevant to what I do. I was getting more misses before.”

“I do PPC to get my name out there,” she said. “As a small business, it’s hard to get your name out there. Not only has 180fusion helped me improve my PPC leads, it seems to help me come up on Google organically.”