Case Study: Ready Pulse | 180fusion


Type of Site: is a Social media company that helps brands recruit social influencers, develop brand ambassadors, and create authentic social content.

The Situation: came to 180fusion for assistance in improving the performance of their Google AdWords account. As a social media software company, they were extremely well-versed in online marketing; however, they had previously been unsuccessful in generating positive ROI in advertising their B2B service offering across the AdWords platform. Ultimately, they decided to select a partner agency to manage their AdWords account, and selected 180fusion to help improve account profitability.

The Solution:

The 180fusion PPC team immediately started working on a brand-new build of their AdWords account. First, new Search and Display Campaigns were created to ensure that all products and services offered were receiving adequate coverage and representation in the account, with new Ad Groups built around tightly-grouped themes of carefully-selected keywords. Next, Negative Keywords were added to all Campaigns and Ad Groups, and strategic bids were set to achieve optimal Ad Positioning in only the most relevant Keyword auctions. Finally, multiple “value proposition” focused ads were created and added to each Ad Group for comprehensive A/B split testing.

The Results:

The newly rebuilt account outperformed the previous build almost instantaneously, with average Cost-per-Conversion being reduced by roughly 95% the first month of management alone!

In just 3 months of 180fusion’s management, the following account performance improvements were achieved:

  • Click-Through-Rate – Increased by 1932%!
  • Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 33%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 3266%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 97%!