Case Study: PsychSem | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Online Non-Profit that supports continuing education for psychologists, social workers, nurses, and counselors.

The Situation:

Professional Psych Seminars came to 180Fusion looking to increase Adwords traffic in order to increase awareness for their organization. After being referred by clientele that had previously worked with 180Fusion, they realized that they too needed the expertise that 180Fusion had to offer in order to gain the further exposure and awareness they were looking for.

The organization’s primary goal for its Adwords campaign was to increase attendance for its online (as well as live) courses and seminars, and to decrease the Cost-per-Conversion to create a program that could scale effectively going forward. This had been a challenge for their in-house staff to effectively achieve and manage.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion team of AdWords Certified analysts presented the option of fully Managed PPC to Professional Psych Seminars. With the client’s approval, 180Fusion performed an entire account restructure, creating new Ad Groups, expanding keywords, and writing new keyword-rich ad copy to help improve Quality Scores. This newly refreshed Account was then optimized to grow course attendance, participation, and overall awareness of the brand and its service offerings.

The Results:

The improvements in this new Adwords account were rapid, with Cost-per-Conversion being cut in half from Month 1 to Month 2 and Total Conversion volume being doubled! Additional improvements have continued steadily month-over-month, with additional gains to account CTR, Conversion Rate, and Total Conversions.

Image 1 – CTR, Total Conversions, Conversion Rate and Cost-per-Conversion all show significant improvement.


In 7 months of optimizing the Paid Search strategy, the 180Fusion team has achieved phenominal results, and was able to:

  • Increase Click-Through-Rate by 250%!
  • Increase Conversion Rate by 1500%!
  • Increase Total Conversions by 980%!
  • Decrease Cost-per-Conversion from $367 to $34!