Case Study: ProjectorReviews | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Product review website focusing on digital projectors for personal and commercial use. Site does not sell projectors or any other products; revenue is generated from on-page advertising, which makes traffic their number one concern.

The Situation: came to 180fusion due to a loss of new organic traffic and a decline in search engine rankings. Projector Reviews launched a new website in November 2013 and soon encountered a large number of 404 errors due to improper redirecting.

The Solution:

The 180fusion SEO team started work by performing an in-depth audit into the client’s Google Webmaster Tools Account. The team quickly discovered an unusual problem: 110,441 “Page Not Found” errors on their web site. Due to Google’s emphasis on website quality in its recent algorithm updates, the team decided that the first step in the campaign should be to clean up as many of these errors as possible.

Figure 1- Webmaster Tools – First 3 Months of Campaign

The SEO team broke up this massive undertaking into monthly “sections” of redirects. The image above displays total “Page Not Found” errors from Google Webmaster Tools over a three month period, with each drop in error count indicating a batch of redirects that were fixed. Additionally, the SEO team began optimizing all new reviews and pages that were being published on the website, and launched a comprehensive off-site optimization effort in parallel.

The Results:

Within the first 3 months of the campaign, 180fusion’s SEO work was successful at improving’s organic traffic by 68.4% and boosting their rankings for the most competitive search phrases in the process! As displayed in the images below,’s new user traffic prior to starting service with180fusion was roughly 2,500 per day, and after just three months of 180fusion’s services was increased to a new peak of 4,188 new users in one day!

Figure 2- Google Analytics – New User Traffic