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Case Study: Pay Per Click Nationwide Campaign

180Fusion has delivered stellar results by turning around our online presence since taking over our PPC Management and SEO strategy and execution. After trying with other vendors and not getting what was desired , we switched to 180Fusion and are thrilled with how quickly we have obtained the #1 Ranking on Google for our top keyword in Mexico and has us also ranking for our other strategic markets in the United States. Most importantly, we now have an integrated search strategy that supports our valued brand as the leading international firm in our industry.
– Sarah McNeilly, Vice President,
World Protection Group Inc.


World Protection Group , Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA

Type of Business:

Lead generation site. The World Protection Group (WPG) is a leading full service, international firm specializing in all aspects of security with an emphasis on high end personal(B2C) and corporate clients (B2B).

The Situation:

WPG was running a Google Adwords PPC Campaign for some time but had very few clicks and fewer conversions. WPG also worked with a prior SEO company with the objective to rank on top of Google and their ranking started to tank this year with the Penguin Google Updates as the firm was not using white hat techniques. With that, WPG management team looked for a top tier Integrated Search company to outsource their PPC Management and SEO services that had a track record of getting sustainable results. 180Fusion was selected and took over the management of their AdWords account and their Organic SEO efforts. There were several key issues 180Fusion addressed:

– Many poorly chosen PPC keywords that did not provide highest qualified customer for niche market
– Poor Keyword Match Type selection in Adwords
– Paid Search Ads did not accurately express the company’s primary value proposition and offerings
– Evaluation of the landing page experience to effective convert both paid and unpaid web traffic
– Increasing amount of web traffic from organic rank positions with search engines for converting keywords

The Solution:

The PPC Results: Per the Google Adwords chart below (January 2012 — Present), since they started with 180Fusion Managed PPC (indicated by the green vertical line), their account has experienced a complete turnaround!

The blue line indicates the client’s Clicks and the red line indicates the number of Conversions that they’ve made.

180Fusion has multiplied their Paid Search conversions by six times and has decreased their average cost per conversion by 56%!

The SEO Results: Per the Google Analytics chart below (May 2012 — Present), since they started with 180Fusion SEO organic web marketing efforts (indicated by the green vertical line), their account has experienced a tremendous increase in traffic month over month in comparison to May 2011 — October 15, 2011.

The blue line indicates the web marketing traffic from May 1, 2012 to October 15, 2012 and the orange line indicates the web marketing traffic from May 1, 2011 to October 15, 2011.

During the last five and half months, we’ve been able to increase traffic by the following amounts per month over last year:

– June 2011 vs 2012 — 26.43% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
– July 2011 vs 2012 — 57.87% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
– August 2011 vs 2012 — 24.23% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
– September 2011 vs 2012 — 26.62% Increase in Organic Web Traffic
– October 15, 2011 vs 2012 — 72.55% Increase in Organic Web Traffic

Some of our most noteworthy accomplishments have been ranking a highly competitive keyword such as “Executive Protection Mexico” from position #59 on the 6th search page of Google to position #1 on the 1st search page of Google!

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