Case Study: Pay Per Click Nationwide Campaign | 180fusion

Prior to 180Fusion, advertising on Google AdWords for Pay Per Click was not profitable. My Ecommerce company was actually losing money in online marketing. Putting my trust in 180Fusion to take over our PPC and SEO campaign has produced incredible results. 180Fusion has lowered our paid search spend by 1/3, while increasing our sales by over 10x after just a few months of taking over the account! We have expanded our organic SEO campaign to get rankings along with expansion of PPC to continue to ramp up sales. Thank you 180Fusion for all your help to grow our online business in a profitable way.”
– Dylan Falk-Hutchings, President


Type of Business:

E-commerce site that sells letters and numbers that you can iron on to sports jerseys and t-shirts.

The Situation: was running Google AdWords PPC Campaign for some time but not getting positive ROI managing in house. The President lead an initiative to look for a top tier vendor to outsource their PPC Management that had a track record of getting results. 180Fusion was awarded their business and took over the management of their AdWords account that required a complete restructuring effort:

Some key issues included:

  • Many poorly chosen keywords that did not provide highest qualified customer.
  • Poor Keyword Match Type selection
  • Broken Conversion Tracking

During the last month that their Conversion Tracking was working correctly (April), these were their cost/sales numbers the client’s cost per conversion was over $70. Since most of their products only cost between $5 – $10 each, this was not profitable.

The Results:

Per the enclosed chart (January 2012 — Present), since they started with 180Fusion Managed PPC Program, their account has experienced a complete turnaround! The blue line indicates the client’s Advertising Costs and the red line indicates the number of sales that they’ve made.

The month of July turned around for them right away, August was even better, and at mid September 2012 is on track to be better still. These are September’s cost/sales number (halfway through the month):

  • Cost: Lowered spend by 60% in 3 months
  • Sales: 296!
  • Cost Per Conversion: $2.99!

After starting with 180Fusion, the client has spent 1/3 as much as April, and has made over 10 times the amount of sales!! And they’ve gone to being profitable on every sale!
This change has made a material impact in the success of this business, and 180Fusion has built out a successful onsite optimization and offsite optimization Organic SEO campaign to greatly improve organic rankings, which leads to even greater profitability for them by continuing to lower the cost per acquisition of a new customer!