Case Study: Pay Per Click Nationwide Campaign | 180fusion


Type of Business:

Sales and rentals of both commercial and school buses, primarily to church groups, construction companies, and child care centers.

The Situation: came to 180Fusion for help in decreasing the Average Cost-per-Conversion in their existing Adwords account. As a small but rapidly-growing business, they’d had neither the time nor the expertise to properly build out and monitor their Adwords account in order to generate new business inquiries profitably. As a result, during the month before they enlisted the help of 180Fusion’s PPC Management Team, they spent a total of $1,591.81 to generate only 1 new lead!

The Solution:

The 180Fusion team immediately started working to change the structure of the Adwords account, creating keyword-rich ad copy to boost Quality Scores. Their single Campaign was split into two separate Campaigns in order to target the Search and Display Networks independently, and then each was optimized separately to account for the differences in user behavior on each network. The team also expanded their list of keywords and negative keywords, as well as performed extensive bid optimization to reduce average cost-per-click.

The Results:

The improvements in this Adwords account came quickly, with Cost-per-Conversion being cut in half from Month 1 to Month 2, and cut by 65%+ by Month 3. Consistent improvements have continued in the account in every month since, with bad account history slowly being overcome and replaced with new positive history over time.

Persistent effort to create continued wins in account efficiency has resulted in a dramatic decrease to Average Cost-per-Conversion, as well as an exponential increase to Conversion Volume. As this business sells high-ticket items and requires only a few new deals per month in order to be profitable, the increased deal volume generated by the 180Fusion team has had a material impact on the profitability of their business.