Case Study: Pay Per Click Nationwide Campaign | 180fusion


Maui Fun Company

Type of Business:

Tourism and Travel Industry. Maui Fun Company is a tour leader in providing Maui activities, Maui tours and Maui attractions.

The Situation:

As a leading tourism company in Hawaii, Maui Fun Company had worked with a couple other SEO/SEM companies that had not produced positive results. After a detailed evaluation, 180Fusion demonstrated the knowledge and track record to ultimately be awarded their business and took over the management of the AdWords account that required an overhaul of the strategy in month 1. The site was struggling to get more qualified clicks to increase relevant traffic , while improving the cost per acquisition of bringing on a new customer that would allow company to grow advertising budget. Their lost impression share due to budget was 0%. 180Fusion had to increase quality scores and expand the campaign to increase clicks in an accelerated fashion to capture the peak time of year in a seasonal business.

The Results:

With the focus on a significant restructuring of the Google Adwords campaign structure and strategy, 180Fusion was able to trim budget and still grow profitable clicks. See Chart Below.
While many organizations believe that you must increase your bids and pay more per click to improve your Average paid search position. This search engine marketing program proves that is NOT TRUE when having proper optimization of campaign. With Maui Tour Company, 180Fusion was able to slightly decrease average cost per click while moving from position 3.6 to 3 on Google in just 4 weeks. The improvement of the Click Through Rate and quality scores has had great impact on Avg. Position. See Graphs below.

The phased SEM approach started with increasing the quality and quantity of traffic as a successful first step. Phase two was then to focus on conversion improvement to optimize bookings. The traffic converted to significantly increase tours and activity bookings. The approach was to drive inbound calls as the strongest call to action to close deal over the phone . After exhaustive keyword research and analysis and testing, it was determined what keywords would give highest likelihood of converting. Through 180Fusion’s systematic approach in combination with the 180Fusion PPC conversion optimization software platform, the PPC Management efforts continue to increase budget towards keywords that have been successful in increasing conversion rates week over week which has significantly increased new customer bookings that has accelerated the growth of daily activities and tours. See the charts below.