Case Study: PagosaSource | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Residential real estate advisors with primary listing area in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

The Situation:

Pagosa Source Real Estate Advisory came to 180Fusion to try and get more exposure and traffic to their real estate website. They had recently suspended their AdWords account, in which they had been spending a great amount of money and were getting very minimal results. Additionally, they were looking to establish a local organic search presence essentially from scratch.

The Solution:

In order to compete with strong local and regional competitors, 180Fusion recommended a hybrid strategy of Adwords PPC along with Local Maps Optimization, with the intent of generating immediate traffic and lead volume for them with PPC and generating long-term traffic and leads through proper Google Places and Local Maps optimization for the most competitive keywords in their local area. The 180Fusion Adwords Team immediately got to work restructuring their entire Adwords account, and the Local Maps team began building and cleaning their local citations, fully developing their Maps profiles, and improving their other Local Maps authority signals.

The Results:

The positive improvement happened quickly for this client in regard to both their Adwords and Local Maps efforts.
Despite “real estate” being among the most expensive industries on the entire in ternet to advertise for, the expert restructuring of their Adwords account caused Google to give them an average of 10/10 Quality Scores, and has led to an Average Cost-per-Click of just $0.49!

Image 1 – Avg. cost-per-click of $0.49 and Quality Scores of 10/10.

The results for Local Maps Optimization have been equally as impressive. Within just 3 months of coming to 180Fusion, saw their local search result impressions increase nearly 10X over the same time period from the previous year, and experienced a huge uptick in qualified traffic and converting leads.

Image 2 – Average Daily Impressions improved from 15 to nearly 150 per day.