National Facebook Ads Management | 180fusion


Type of Business:

Online membership site providing sensory-enrichment therapy tools to help ease the symptoms of Autism.

The Situation:

Mendability came to 180Fusion for assistance in improving their Facebook Advertising results. Like many companies advertising on Facebook, they were having a difficult time translating Facebook Ads traffic into Facebook Fans, and even more difficulty converting that traffic into legitimate leads for their business. Despite serving Ads to a very passionate and targeted audience, and spending lots oftime and money in doing so, they were still getting very minimal results from their efforts.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion team proposed a fully-managed Facebook Advertising solution as well as personal Social Media Coaching to Mendability to help them solve their issues of low Page Engagements and high Cost-per-Action. Their Facebook Ads account was totally restructured to optimize for increased CTR and decreased costs, and multiple new ad formats were implemented to better engage their target audience. Additionally, advanced third-party Facebook Ad tools were used to create specialized Email Capture Ads designed to maximize email sign-ups in addition to Page “Likes.”

The Results:

The improvement in this Facebook Ads account was dramatic. Cost-per-Click was immediately cut by more then 50%, and dude to the engaging nature of the new Ads, Cost-per-Action was reduced by almost 99% to a small fraction of its original average.

In 4 months of optimizing the Facebook Ads strategy, the 180Fusion team has achieved amazing results, and has been able to:

  • Increase Click-Through-Rate by 49X!
  • Increase Page Engagement by 1482%!
  • Decrease Cost-per-Click by 64%!
  • Decrease Cost-per-Action from $34.83 to $0.36

Additionally, the implementation of the Advanced Email Capture ads has lead to nearly 20% email opt-in rate and resulted in an overall Average Cost-per-Leas in the Campaign of just $0.99!

Over 500 email opt-ins generated for an average of $0.99 per lead!