Case Study: MyTurksAndCaicos | 180fusion



Type of Site:

eCommerce Travel Site, specializing in custom vacation packages.

The Situation:

As a long-time advertiser in the travel industry, came to 180Fusion to get help in improving their Adwords profitability. Historically, they had once been very successful in generating new vacation bookings; however, their profitability had decreased dramatically over the last few years due to increased crowding and competition in their industry, and they sought out a fresh set of eyes to help revitalize their advertising efforts. The 180Fusion team suggested that, in addition to professional Adwords Management, they should begin a strategic Conversion Rate Optimizer engagement in order to improve the performance of their existing PPC landing pages.

The Solution:

180fusion began working with their existing PPC landing pages in order to identify areas of the page that were creating unnecessary user friction and anxiety. Because the top 3-5 inches of a website are generally the most important in terms of increasing conversion rates, it was determined that the first landing page test should involve adding a banner area to the top of the page with an emphasis on clearly expressing the company’s “primary value proposition.” A new “masthead” was created, with a new Headline/Sub-headline format designed to improve clarity about their unique business offering, and was then set up to run as an A/B split test versus the Original page.

Image 1 – New Masthead with Primary Value Proposition messaging added to the existing landing page.


The Results:

The new Variation of the page proved almost immediately to be a significant improvement over the Original page, with the conversion rate during the testing period being improved from 4.1% to 7.1% (an increase of 75.2%)! The improved Headline/Sub-headline has since been hard-coded into the permanent version of the landing page, and has led to increased bookings and profitability for the company.

Image 2 – Landing Page Variation created an 98.9% lift to Conversions.