Case Study: MooseMtnTradingCo | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Ecommerce retailer, specializing in women’s apparel and winter clothing.

The Situation:

Moose Mountain Trading Co. had previously worked with a company that managed their Adwords campaigns for them but did not provide any transparency what was happening in the account and was delivering unprofitable traffic. While there was demand for MooseMountain’s products, it was not being properly captured through their existing paid search strategy. Ultimately, it became clear that successful management of their Adwords account would require a full-time top tier agency to take control of the online strategy, and 180Fusion was selected. Moose Mountain Trading Company needed to start getting sales after a slow season of PPC while coming into the off season for its business.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion account team put together a comprehensive paid search strategy in order to increase sales not only in the high season, but also to capture available traffic during the slow season through proper bid and budget optimization. Campaign structure, seasonality trends, day parting, ad copy, and ongoing testing were all taken into account in the creation of a brand new Adwords campaign.

The Results:

The new and improved Adwords account created by the 180Fusion team had a material impact on the profitability of the business, as they achieved new sales revenue growth of 100% year-over-year and achieved their lowest Cost-per-Acquisition ever, during both high and low seasons.

Image 1 – I ncrease to CTR and to Sales


Client Testimonial:

“We have doubled our sales in January 2013 over 2012! We are thrilled and want to attribute the credit 100% entirely to the account manager’s efforts and the 180Fusion team!”

— Julie Ernst, Web Order Manager, Moose Mountain Trading Co.