Case Study: MateelCafe | 180fusion


Type of Site:

Restaurant and Hospitality

The Situation:

The Mateel Cafe came to 180Fusion with zero rankings. Their goal was to increase their online visibility in order to fill their restaurant for multiple seatings every month during the summer tourist season in Northern California and increase awareness in the local and regional area of the great menu.

The Results:

  • In four months 180Fusion was able to get The Mateel Cafe ranked #1 on Google for 20 of their targeted keywords in Northern California.
  • The restaurant has now more than doubled the reservations booked as a result of hitting the #1 positions for their keywords.
  • The Mateel Cafe has experienced over 1000% ROI from initial investment to getting their site optimized and ranked.
  • They have now had the highest amount of “walk-in” traffic this summer due to visibility on Google Places and Organic search results for their local area.


Quote: “180Fusion was a great help with online advertising for my off the beaten

track restaurant in Northern California. It’s been a very busy summer despite increasing gas prices.  Thank you, 180Fusion!” Carla Yvonne, Owner, Mateel Cafe