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The Martial Arts Institute

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The Martial Arts Institute provides professional-level tactical, technical, physical and mental training in all aspects of Krav Maga, a method of self-defense developed in the Israeli Defense Forces.

The Situation: Pummeled by low Google rankings…

Despite its many locations in Manhattan, its accolades, and its media exposure, The Martial Arts Institute was not easily found through online search engines. While the institute led in Google rankings for specific keywords related to “krav maga” and “New York City,” more generic keyword searches placed the institute much further down in the rankings.

…And other SEO agencies lacked the power to help

Other SEO agencies employed by the institute failed to produce the desired results. “We got burned so much by SEO agencies; we spent so much money and nothing ever happened,” said Patrick L., the institute’s CEO.

He tried to boost the institute’s online presence by investing in pay-per-click advertising. But in the competitive New York City market, clicks are expensive and the institute couldn’t sustain the ad spend.

Google search rankings before and after

Keyword: Self defense classes

Former ranking: 180
New ranking: #1

Keyword: Self defense nyc

Former ranking: 8
New ranking: #1

Keyword: Women’s self defense classes

Former ranking: 89
New ranking: #2

Keyword: Women’s self defense

Former ranking: 111
New ranking: #8

Keyword: Self defense classes for kids

Former ranking: 192
New ranking: #5

The Solution: Fighting back with updated content

Patrick found 180fusion and, despite his reluctance to hire yet another SEO agency, gave the firm a chance. “What they achieved for us is way over and above what I expected. Within a few months they had completely turned around our Google presence.”

The 180fusion team conducted extensive onsite work to the institute’s website, which included page optimizations with updated content, titles, meta descriptions, internal linking and image alt text. 180fusion also focused the institute’s off-site strategy with branded links and content surrounding keyword targets.

The Results: Top 3 ranking for 8 keyword phrases

With 180fusion’s SEO efforts, the Martial Arts Institute ascended Google Search Engine Rankings, placing first, second, or third in 8 targeted search phrases. One of those keyword phrases moved the company from a ranking of 180 to #1 (self-defense classes), while another jumped from 89 to #2 (women’s self defense classes).

“Coming in #1 in organic search rankings gives the user a feeling that we can be trusted,” said Patrick.

With higher organic search rankings, the institute has benefitted from higher call volumes, more leads and more people signing up for self-defense classes.

“That’s how people find you; they don’t just walk in off the street,” said Patrick. “The number-one source of traffic to our website and to our business is Google.”