Case Study: La Porte, Texas | 180fusion


Type of Site: is a city tourism website for the town of La Porte, Texas.

The Situation: sought out the help of 180fusion to attract more tourists to their city’s entertainment and dining options. Though many major cruise lines dock ships in their city, their lack of presence on organic search meant that most tourists couldn’t find their website, and were thus unaware of the city’s local restaurants and attractions. Their hope in partnering with 180fusion was that better SEO rankings would generate more new revenue from cruise ship visitors.

The Solution:

The 180fusion SEO team began work by improving the layout and structure of the website to be more “friendly” to both users and search engines. Next, all errors and duplicate content issues were fixed, and on-page content was entirely rewritten and deployed strategically on the site to improve the site’s relevance for its most important keyword targets. Finally, a comprehensive off-site link acquisition effort was carried out to increase the number of authoritative inbound links to their website, improving the trust and authority signals being sent to search engines.

The Results:

Thanks to 180fusion’s SEO efforts,’s organic rankings have improved significantly, as they’ve achieved Top 3 organic search rankings for 50% of their targeted keywords in just under 12 months! Additionally, organic traffic to their website has increased by 180% versus the same time period last year, and by over 300% year-over-year.