Case Study: Kids' Village | 180fusion

Type of Site:

Orem Private School

The Situation:

Orem Private school was not able to get beyond the second and third page organic rankings on Google to increase its online visibility in a competitive local market. It was important to increase the visibility to reach a broader pool of qualified students who’s parents were not aware of the private school in the state of Utah. The school has a high success rate of getting the parents to enroll their children when they take the time visit and do a tour of the school. Upon review, 180Fusion optimized the site for the search engines, made a stronger call to action, and had a dedicated SEO expert focused on increase the rankings for specific keywords and phrases.

The Results:

  • Increased the page rankings on the school’s Top 5 keywords. They move from all 2nd and 3rd page rankings on Google to #1 and #2 rankings on the first page on all five keywords.
  • Increased enrollment. This has also enabled the school to continue to hire the best in class teachers and improve the facilities to best support the student body.
  • Built significant awareness in the local market that has helped its reputation