Case Study: IGN | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Industry – leading News & Entertainment web property in the video game vertical; a Fortune 100 subsidiary.

The Situation:

As one of the internet’s premier content publishers, IGN came to 180Fusion with one goal in mind: to get as much traffic as possible to their main content pages within their existing ad vertising budg et, allowing them to sell more digital ad space. They wanted this to be accomplished specifically through improvements to their Google Adwords Account and through increasing their organic rankings for a handful of strategic keywords.

The Solution:


The client’s target for improvement in their Adwords account was centered around their goals of decreasing Average Cost-Per-Click from $.02 to $.015 while at the same time increasing total click volume.

The 180Fusion team went to work and rebuilt the entire IGN Adwords account from scratch, with a particular focus on tightly grouped keywords themes to help maximize Quality Scores, and thus decrease click costs. The team dramatically expanded their list of keywords, created compelling keyword-rich ad copy, and re-structured the account to target all the client’s main interest groups.

The result of this account re-structuring was instantaneous. Average Cost-Per-Click in the account immediately dropped from $.02 to $.011, cutting the cost of traffic nearly in half. Typically this sort of decrease to cost would also coincide with a decrease in traffic, but through continued strategic account optimization and additional build-out, traffic in the account increased from about 17,000 to 57,700 clicks per day, all while maintaining an average CPC of $.011 (see images below):

Image 1 – Adwords Traffic increases exponentially when 180fusion takes over management of the account.

IGN Results

Image 2 – The cost per click immediately was decreased immediately by improving account structure.

IGN Results

Image 3 – Consistent improvement month over month as CPC dropped and traffic increased each month.

IGN Results


Since the beginning of the SEO campaign, we have increased the traffic for our selected keywords in a dramatic way:

# of Keywords
January Total Traffic
last 14 days

Alexa Ranking: Top 200 sites in United States