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Case Study: Hubcap Zone

Hub Cap Zone Website


Type of Site: is an eCommerce website that sells new and used hubcaps, wheel covers, and wheel skins for all makes and models of cars.

The Situation:

HubcapZone came to 180fusion to get help managing their Google AdWords account. As a company whose business is 100% online, their CEO had always managed the AdWords account himself, since it was the primary driver of company profitability. However, due to the rapid growth of the company, he’d become increasingly consumed with other day-to-day priorities and realized that he’d need professional assistance with AdWords to free up his time and to help him achieve additional profitability.

The Solution:

The 180fusion PPC team began by reconfiguring all Ad Groups for maximum keyword-theme relevance, introducing new keyword-rich Ads to go along with them in order to maximize Quality Scores and minimize click costs. Next, additional negative keywords were introduced and strategic bid adjustments were made in order to properly weight spending toward the highest performing keywords. Additional campaign types were then added to the account, including Shopping, Dynamic Search, and Branded campaigns to ensure that all product lines were receiving adequate advertising coverage. Last, conversion tracking errors were fixed so that all sales could be properly tracked.

The Results:

The improvements made to the account generated immediate results, with Avg. Cost-per-Conversion being reduced by 40% in just the first 4 months!

Hub Cap Zone Statistics

Even more impressive, steady quarter-over-quarter improvements have been made in every quarter since then (for the past two and a half years)! As compared to performance when 180fusion began managing the AdWords account, the following improvements have been achieved:

  • Conversion Rate – Increased by 30%!
  • Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 38%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 5214%!
  • Average Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 63%!

Hub Cap Zone Statistics

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