Case Study: Gateway Thermal Solutions | 180fusion


Type of Site: is a St. Louis-based pest control service specializing in exterminating bed bugs.

The Situation:

Gateway Thermal Solutions enlisted 180fusion to quickly and efficiently generate leads for their startup, primarily through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns.There’s no shortage of demand for bed bug extermination. But as a new business, Gateway Thermal Solutions had to muscle its way into a competitive marketplace.

First Need: Significantly increase call volume

Gateway Thermal Solutions owner Dave Walters had used traditional marketing methods – booths at home shows, TV and radio ads – in the past. But as a startup, he balked at the hefty upfront expense.

This type of business also does not lend itself to traditional forms of advertising. People call his business when they discover bed bugs. And at that moment of panic, they likely won’t recall a TV ad or the phone number on a local billboard. They go straight to their computer or mobile device and conduct an online search.

“We started out with the idea we’d get referrals, but after awhile we knew we needed something to drive more call volume,” said Walters.

Second Need: Quickly establish an online presence

It was important for Gateway Thermal Solutions to establish its online presence before the following summer. Although bed bugs can appear anytime of year, summer is the busiest season for service calls to pest control companies.

Walters enlisted 180fusion Small Business Services to help the company quickly generate leads. 180fusion developed online marketing strategies to optimize the company’s website, create a new landing page and launch pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

PPC was a critical element toward getting Gateway Thermal Solutions ranked at the top of search engines. While non-paid organic search is important for the long-term success, 180fusion’s PPC strategy made the kind of short-term impact Walters needed.

The Results:

Not long after enlisting 180fusion, the company started ranking in the #1 or #2 ad positions on search engines for more than 75 different keyword combinations.

“There’s a lot of credibility gained by being at the top of the search engines,” said Walters. “In the customer’s mind, if they find you first, you must be good at what you do.”

Gateway also experienced steady growth in other key performance indicators:

  • Click-thru-Rate nearly more than doubled from Month 1 to Month 10
  • Monthly conversions grew from four the first month to 70 by Month 10
  • Conversion rate quadrupled from Month 1 to Month 10
  • The Cost Per Conversion peaked at $32.18 in Month 2 and fell to $22.78 by Month 10