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Case Study: Feeln

Feeln Website


Type of Site:

Family-friendly streaming TV service; owned by Hallmark, and the exclusive provider of streaming Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.

The Situation:

Before coming to 180fusion, Hallmark had experienced very little success using Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising to get new users to sign up for free trials of their streaming TV service, Feeln. In their testing, they hadn’t been able to achieve Cost-per-Acquisition targets that allowed them to meet their profitability targets, and thus sought the help of 180fusion to lower those costs, as well as to increase total sign-up volume.

The Solution- AdWords:

180Fusion immediately began restructuring the Google AdWords account, building out separate campaigns and setting individual budgets and acquisition cost targets for Hallmark original films, studio films, and streaming device users, as well as branded campaigns for both Hallmark and Feeln related keywords. Next, Ad Groups with keyword-rich value proposition ads were added to each campaign to ensure full coverage of the movie and television titles offered. Finally, Remarketing, App Installs, and Commercial Actions (unique Beta campaign type) campaigns were added to assist with both top-of-funnel product discovery and bottom-of-funnel sign-ups.

The Results-AdWords:

Measurable improvement was achieved immediately upon re-launch of the AdWords account, with conversion volume more than doubling and conversion cost being cut by more than half in the first month alone!


Within 6 months of management, the following improvements were achieved:

  • Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 29!
  • Conversion Rate – Increased by 163%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 646%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 73%!


The Solution-Facebook Ads:

180Fusion immediately began restructuring the Facebook Ads account by segmenting it into structured Campaigns and Ad Sets based upon content themes, device targeting options, and ad unit types. Next, ad text was rewritten and new ad images were created to better express the “primary value proposition” of their offering. Finally, demographic targeting options were narrowed and refined to ensure that ads would only be shown only to Facebook users deemed very likely to be interested in using a free trial of the service.

The Results-Facebook Ads:

Account performance in Facebook improved considerably within just the first few weeks of account re-launch as well, with Total Conversions increasing and Average Cost-per-Conversion decreasing exponentially!


Within the first quarter of Facebook Ads account management, the following improvements were made to account performance:

  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 85%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 2500%!


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