Case Study: Eastern Jungle Gym | 180fusion


Type of Site: is an online retailer of premium home swing-sets and backyard playgrounds.

The Situation:

Eastern Jungle Gym sought out 180fusion for assistance in improving the performance of their Google AdWords account. As a long-time AdWords advertiser, they had watched their account’s performance and profitability slowly deteriorate due to lack of active management, with changes in their account being made only twice in Q2 of 2015 by their previous agency. Realizing they needed a more active management partner, they entrusted the day-to-day care of their account to 180fusion in order to reverse the trend.

The Solution:

180fusion’s PPC team immediately began implementing changes that were long overdue. First, existing AdWords campaigns were entirely restructured for better Ad Group theming, increased relevance of Ad Copy, and bids adjusted properly to correct for wasteful spend on under-performing keywords. Next, new Shopping, RLSA, and Remarketing campaign types were introduced to the account, strengthening both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel targeting. Finally, Conversion and Revenue tracking parameters that had previously been broken were fixed in order to allow accurate tracking of progress and profitability.

The Results:

180fusion’s account restructuring work turned around the profitability of the account immediately, with the average Cost-per-Conversion being reduced by over 70% in just the first month of management.

In 4 months of management, the following improvements to performance metrics have been achieved:

  • Conversion Rate – Increased by 255%!
  • Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 18%!
  • Total Conversions – Increased by 104%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 76%!