Case Study: Da Vinci Vaporizer | 180fusion

DaVinci Vaporizer


Type of Site:

eCommerce website selling top-of-the-line vaporizers and accessories

The Situation:

DaVinci Vaporizers sough out the assistance of 180fusion in improving their presence on Social Media in conjunction with the launch of a new flagship product line. Because their industry is prohibited from advertising on Facebook Ads and restricted in their advertising options on Adwords (tobacco-related products), social channels have become their primary means of reaching their potential customer base, and they came to 180fusion for help in increasing engagements with their existing fans to drive Facebook FanPage growth and new product sales.

The Solution:

180fusion’s Social Media team immediately began using their patent-pending “digger” technology to find and score the most engaging pieces of relevant content form across all of Facebook. These assets were then stored in a content library, graded on how engaging they were (using 180fusion’s proprietary algorithm of weighting Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.), and were then slightly modified to create unique content. This content was then applied through daily posts to DaVinci’s existing Fans to increase engagements rates. Additionally, targeted Viral Giveaway campaigns were created to increase the amount of sharing and engagement on their Facebook page, and all their social properties were given a fresh new look with Cover Photos and Backgrounds being updated to match the branding and image of the new product line.

Image 1 – Post being tracked and scored for DaVinci’s existing audience.

DaVinci Vaporizer Results

The Results:

Implementing this methodology of applying viral content in testing “cycles” created a drastic improvement in Fan Engagement for DaVinci Vaporziers. Despite recent changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm that make it increasingly difficult for business to reach their Fans with social messaging, DaVinci’s Engagement Rate has increased form around 3% of Fans engaged to over 12% of Fans engaged (5% is considered very good by industry standards) in less than 3 months!

Image 2 – Increase to Facebook Page Engagement Rate

DaVinci Vaporizer ResultsIn addition, during the past 3 months the 180fusion team has been able to:

  • Increase their Facebook Page Interactions from less than 2,500 to over 13,000 per month!
  • Increase their Facebook Fan Base by 2,455 relevant Fans without any use of paid ads!

Image 3 – Facebook Page Improvements to Fans and Engagement over the last 90 days.

DaVinci Vaporizer Results

As a result, the launch of DaVinci Vaporizer’s new product line was a financial success almost immediately upon its launch, with Month 1 profit projections exceed by a full 20%!