Case Study: CerakotHighTemp | 180fusion



Type of Site:

E-commerce site that sells high-temperature ceramic coatings for motorcycles, ATVs, auto and truck parts, and firearms.

The Situation: came to 180Fusion in October 2012 with one primary goal in mind: reducing their A verage Cost-per-Conversion in Adwords. For the previous 5 years, they had managed their own Adwords account with little or no insight into profitability, due to the fact that Conversion Tracking had never been installed on their websites. When they finally enabled tracking in April 2012, they realized it was costing them almost $500 to generate a single order through Adwords! After a few months of working on the account themselves that resulted in only moderate improvement to performance, they opted to get professional assistance and began a Managed PPC engagement with 180Fusion.

The Solution:

In order to achieve profitability in Adwords, the client set a Cost-per-Conversion goal of $50, which translated to reducing their existing average Cost-per-Conversion by roughly 80%! The 180Fusion team was up to this lofty challenge, and quickly started working to restructure the Adwords account, separating Campaigns and Ad Groups in to closely grouped themes by products and product lines. The team also spent a significant amount of effort cleaning up waste in the existing account due to poor match type targeting, and implemented new Ad Copy, set up a “Tiered Bidding” structure, and performed strategic bid optimization in order to reduce click costs and improve profitability.

The Results:

Improvement was immediate in the client’s Adwords account, as sales increased by nearly 50% and Cost-per-Conversion was reduced by nearly 40% in the first month alone! Continued optimization of the account has led to their initial Cost-per-Conversion goal being not only met but also exceeded, all while sales volume has increased exponentially.

Image 1 – Blue line indicates Total Sales, orange line indicates Average Cost-per-Conversion.


In 8 months of PPC Management with 180Fusion, the client has seen an increase to online sales in the account of over 566%, and a reduction to their Average Cost-per-Conversion by 90%, from $268.36 to $26.05!


CerakotHighTempClient Testimonial:

“Working with 180Fusion to optimize our Google Adwords campaigns and increase SEO has been a pleasure. We were independently running a variety of campaigns for multiple divisions within our company, and prior to partnering with 180 Fusion, it was becoming a very difficult aspect of the business to properly maintain. After partnering with 180Fusion, we quickly saw our keyword spending drop and our traffic increase, along with an increase in online orders. The weekly reports and phone calls from Spencer are a great way to get quickly caught up on the progress that is being made to each Google Adwords campaign. We look forward to  continued growth through our partnership with 180Fusion.”

– Rob Griffin, Marketing & Design,