Case Study: Wallplate Warehouse | 180fusion

Wallplate Warehouse


Type of Site:

Wallplate Warehouse sells decorative wall plates and accessories that go on light switches, electrical outlets, and phone jacks. Customers can buy plates in several colors and patterns, and select from styles ranging from brushed nickel, to wood-grain, to ceramic.

The Situation:

Wallplate Warehouse enlisted 180fusion to help it appear on the first page of search engine rankings, which was needed to drive more organic sales.

The company typically ranked on page 5 of search rankings. Its search rankings were particularly low for keyword phrases containing the word “wall plates,” their main product.

180fusion diagnosed many of the problems causing low search rankings. One of the main issues was a lack of links built to their website, as well as several low quality links.

In addition, the client’s website suffered from missing meta descriptions, meta tags and page titles. They also had unbalanced anchor text with more than 50 percent associated links.

The Solution:

180fusion’s search engine optimization (SEO) experts discovered a number of areas to drastically improve ranking factors for Wallplate Warehouse, including:

  • Redirecting and fixing crawl errors on the website, which hinder a website from even appearing on a search results page. Crawling is the process of a search engine following your links and “crawling” around your website.
  • Implementing missing meta descriptions, h1 tags, and proper page titles.
  • Building links with associated brand and keywords.

The Results:

Within six months, 180fusion’s efforts helped Wallplate Warehouse increase their overall keyword performance by more than 48 percent. They now appear in top spots for a host of keywords.

The company improved its search rankings for keyword phrases pertaining to “wall plates.” For example, their search ranking for the Google keyword phrase “wall plates suppliers” jumped from the 24th spot all the way to Number 2. For “wall plates décor online” the company’s ranking moved up from 26 to 5.

Better overall search rankings greatly increased the company’s organic web traffic, which led to:

  • A 29 percent increase in total users to its website and a 30 percent rise in new users
  • A 37 percent increase in user sessions
  • A 42 percent jump in the company’s ecommerce conversion rate
  • A 95 percent increase in website transactions
  • A 75 percent boost in website revenue

Now that the company has a better idea of how people search for their products, 180fusion has been able to advise them on creating an effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.