Case Study: Angela Penichet MS, LCSW | 180fusion

Angela Penichet


Type of Site:

Angela Penichet, MS, LCSW, is an advanced clinical social worker in Westchester County, New York. She has more than 20 years of experience offering individual and relationship counseling.

The Situation:

Penichet contacted 180fusion shortly after building a new website. The site had not been optimized for search engine rankings, nor had she conducted any pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Therefore, her website was not indexed for search engine purposes.

The site was attracting little organic or paid traffic, and her business was generating only a handful of new leads. Furthermore, visitors who did find the site were not given a call-to-action or a form to fill, so there was no way to capture leads.

The Solution:

180fusion optimized Penichet’s website with the proper SEO tactics, which helped improve her rankings and overall organic traffic. This included the installation of tracking capabilities to measure web traffic.

180fusion also set up a PPC account. Within months, Penichet was able to obtain qualified leads and track which campaigns led to conversions.

PPC, built out a new account for her within a few months started to drive and obtain more relevant leads to her then when she was doing without us.

The Results:

During the first four months of using PPC advertising, Penichet’s ads received:

  • 8,874 impressions
  • 393 clicks
  • 10 phone calls
  • 5 conversions
  • A 4.47% click-through rate
  • A $4.35 cost per each conversion

During the same period a year later, Penichet’s PPC ads generated:

  • 21,717 impressions
  • 995 clicks
  • 91 phone calls
  • 56 conversions
  • A 4.58% click-through rate
  • A $6.12 cost per each conversion