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Family Cord - Cryobank


Type of Site:

Family and Reproductive Services firm, specializing in umbilical cord blood and tissue banking of infants for future stem cell treatments.

The Situation:

FamilyCord came to 180fusion to solve a particularly difficult problem: maximizing new lead volume in one of the “Top 10 Most Expensive” industries to advertise for on Adwords. Though they had a well-maintained Adwords account and high-converting landing pages, they were still spending over $200 just to generate 1 lead because of the extremely high click costs for their industry. In addition to professional. management of their Adwords account, the 180fusion team suggested a second approach to lowering their Cost-per-Lead, which was allocating some of their Adwords spend to a proper test of Facebook Advertising as an alternate source of generating new inquiries for their services.

The Solution:

Though FamilyCord had run small amounts of spend on Facebook Ads in the past, their existing Facebook Ads account had not been updated in months. 180fusion immediately began updating FamilyCord’s old Ad Campaigns with new Ad text and images to increase CTRs and get more traffic. Additionally, Promoted Post NewsFeeds Ads were added to the account, as they display more prominently than traditional Marketplace Ads and generally lead to more traffic at lower costs. AS the final pieces of account restructuring, the team segmented FamilyCord’s Ad Campaigns by target Demographics, Device type, and placement types, and helped them install Conversion Tracking to be able to measure and understand and evaluate Ad performance individually for each targeting group.

Image 1 – Size comparison of NewsFeed Ads versus standard Marketplace Ads. Family Cord Results

The Results:

The results of the newly-refreshed Facebook Ads account were staggering, as their cost to generate a new lead was slashed from over $200 on Adwords to just $2.35 on Facebook Ads! Due to the lower click costs and higher Conversion Rates of the new Facebook ads, FamilyCord’s cost to generate a single new lead was decreased by nearly 99%!

Image 2 – Top Performing Campaign Generates 278 new leads for just $377.56! Family Cord Results In the last 28 days of improving the Facebook Ads strategy, the 180fusion team has been able to:

  • Reduce Cost-per-Click by 95% versus Adwords!
  • Reduce Cost-per-Lead by 99% versus Adwords!

Image 3 – Facebook Ads Account results for the last 28 days. Family Cord Results Using the cost of $200 per lead from Adwords as a benchmark, in the last 28 days the 180fusion team has been able to generate $83,000 worth of leads on Facebook Ads for a cost of just $974.95! Family Cord Results