Case Study: AWMA | 180fusion


Type of Site: is an eCommerce site offering an expansive selection of martial arts, boxing, and MMA equipment and apparel.

The Situation:

AWMA came to 180fusion to get assistance in improving the profitability of their Google AdWords account. As an AdWords advertiser since 2012, they had gradually watched click costs in their industry increase, with their sales volume decreasing significantly as a result. Determined to restore sales volume, they sought out and partnered with 180fusion to restructure, update, and manage their accounts back to profitability.

The Solution:

The 180fusion PPC team began the account restructure by dividing the existing Campaigns and Ad Groups in “hyper-relevant themes,” structured around individual product best-sellers and popular product categories. Next, negative keywords were expanded and inflated bids were reduced in an effort to curb wasteful spending in the account. Finally, RLSA and Dynamic Search campaigns were implemented and improved, and budgets were shifted to the most efficient campaigns to maximize profitability.

The Results:

The account restructuring had its desired effect on profitability almost immediately, with the account’s Cost-per-Conversion being decreased by 73% in the first month alone!

During the first 5 months under 180fusion’s management, the following additional performance improvements were achieved:

  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 206%!
  • Cost-per-Click: Decreased by 53%!
  • Total Conversions: Increased by 1245%!
  • Cost-per-Conversion: Decreased by 84%!