Case Study: AlternativeToMeds | 180fusion



Type of Site:

Alcohol, drug, and prescription medication rehabilitation and treatment center, advertising nationally.

The Situation:

Since drug and alcohol rehab ilitation is one of the Top 20 most expensive industries to advertise for on Adwords, this client came to 180Fusion with the goal of reducing the average cost per click in their account to be able to get more traffic within their fixed advertising budget. Additionally, they wanted to be able to track what sort of ROI they were getting from Adwords, as proper conversion tracking was never set up for them and they had no idea whether their Adwords account was profitable.

The Solution:

The 180Fusion team got to work restructuring the Adwords account, writing new keyword-rich ad copy to help improve Quality Scores, and assisting the client with installing conversion tracking code. The team also exp anded their list of keywords, negative keywords, and performed extensive bid optimization to reduce average cost-per-click.

The Results:

The positive results of the restructuring and account improvements were felt immediately. Average cost-per-click dropped from over $6 per click to less than $2.50 per click in less than a week:

Image 1 – Avg. cost-per-click drops significantly when 180fusion takes over management of the account.


Additionally, during the 3 months after the 180fusion Team began managing the account, traffic was increased by 147% (from roughly 850 to 2000 clicks per month) without any increase to advertising budget.

Image 2 – Cost-per-click was reduced by 62% while traffic was increased by 147%.


Additionally, average cost per acquisition in the account has been reduced by 37% in the first 3 months since conversion tracking was installed.