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Five Reasons Visitors Don’t Like Your Website

So you finally managed to put together what you believe to be an exceptional website; too bad your visitors don’t think so! There are many reasons why visitors may decide your website is not worthy of their time. Below are the five top reasons why people will quickly push the back button:

  1. Bad Colors And Images – One of the top reasons visitors decide your website isn’t worth their time is because of the generic image choices and color combinations. For example, the use of stock images on your website tells them absolutely NOTHING about your business. It is important that your personality and focus be on your niche and images should tell a story about you. This means visitors want to see truthful representations and informative images of the kind of site that they are visiting. Take time to understand what your niche wants and visually expressive images and related colors that makes sense.
  1. Hard To Use Or Slow Loading — These are two of the biggest problems that turn away visitors almost immediately. If your site takes forever to load or is difficult to navigate and use, then why should anyone waste their time with you? Part of being in business is making life easy for visitors because that’s exactly what they want. If you like to make things hard then expect out of business quickly.
  1. Annoying Pop Ups And Excessive Advertisements – Perhaps one of the most hated experiences online are annoying pop-ups and excessive advertisements that your visitors must sift through before they even get to the content that they are interested in. Nothing makes a visitor hit the back button faster! You should also make sure that advertisements are not the center of any of your marketing pages. It is also a good idea to keep most advertisements below the fold. Remember that the search engines do not like over advertised pages.
  1. Too Much Content About You — Your potential customers and clients could care less about you and only care about what you can do for them. Pages and pages of content discussing yourself, how wonderful you are and how you are the best thing since sliced bread is the incorrect approach and will fall on deaf ears. Your content should be exclusively about the problems and solutions that you can solve that your visitor is currently experiencing. Focus on products, services and then add your images and content to support this.
  1. Not Enough Social Proof Or Real Testimonials — One of the most convincing things that should be on every website are real and believable testimonials that demonstrate people were wise for choosing you. It is amazing to see how many businesses have little or no social proof or testimonials for people to verify.

There are more reasons why visitors may choose not to do business with you. If you can follow these five suggestions, at least the majority of people will stick around long enough to check out your products and services. Remember people are doing you a favor by visiting your website. Treat people like gold and make sure that deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

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