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Five Proven Tips For Creating The Best Homepage For Your Business

Your homepage is the single most important aspect of your online presence. It should deliver exactly what people in your niche are looking for, speak effectively and simply about your business and visually support what your niche wants to see. Below are five proven tips for creating the best homepage for your business:

  1. Fast Loading Pages — A homepage is only as good as its load speed. Huge pages with overstuffed content and large images take longer to be seen and will impact negatively with your clients and customers. Load speeds also affect your page rank in the search engines
    because people will leave your page if it takes too long to load. Make sure your pages load fast. You can find places online like that can show you the statistics you need to evaluate a fast loading homepage.
  1. Highly Targeted Navigation – Your homepage should have well thought out and highly targeted navigation based on your keywords. This will ensure that when someone lands on a specific page it is exactly what they are looking for. This will reduce bounce rates and is a powerful extension of your homepage. A good homepage is where highly targeted navigation should start.
  1. Colors And Images Are Important — Fortune 500 companies have spent millions of dollars researching and investing in color schemes to match the thoughts and passion of their market. Shouldn’t you at least consider what your color scheme is saying to people? The colors and images on your homepage speak volumes to your niche; careful time and thought should be put into the creation and the meaning of colors and their symbolism you choose.
  1. Clearly Stated Headlines, Hot Button Topics — Your main homepage must grab your niche’s attention immediately and should be clearly represented by a powerful headline and sub headlines that are targeting hot button topics that are of great importance to the people landing on your homepage. Your headline must be clear and have an exact value stated in it that will grab the reader’s attention. Without these things, there will be no incentive for the reader to continue to connect with the content on your homepage.
  1. Easy To Read, Understand And Skimable -Your written content must be easy to read, easy-to-understand and have high skimability. Why? Contrary to popular belief, most people do not want to read your content. They prefer to quickly skim through it and get the nuggets of content that they want. It is far easier for a potential customer to make a fast decision if they don’t have to dig too deeply into your content. This is especially true if the images on your site tell a story and you use simple bulleted lists and short punchy descriptive sentences to convey what you mean.

Easy to read sites, especially on your homepage will work well for fast conversions and happy customers. These five proven tips for creating the best homepage for your business are all absolutely essential if you wish to have a degree of success. Always take the time to do proper research to create the best content that can be delivered quickly and efficiently on your homepage.

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